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FlatBed Dispatch Services

We cater Flatbed

Truck Movers LLC knows the right clients who need your flatbed truck to get their goods transported with ease. We are working with multiple clients and companies ensuring guaranteed loads for your flatbed trucks. We are always looking for lucrative goods giving you promised benefits. 

Flatbed, as the name indicates, is a truck used to load large and bulky items which are impossible to be transported via dry vans or other trailers. The items loaded in a flatbed can range from construction equipment to oversized heavy machinery. We provide you the best loads with the best deals to load your flatbed. It definitely requires special handling or equipment, permits and insurance. Let us manage it all for you!

Flat Bed 1

Enjoy Ease with a Flatbed

Flatbed offers you a range of benefits and Truck Movers LLC knows exactly how to cash these benefits for you. We manage your trucking needs and provide you with flatbed dispatch services. Here are some benefits you must know about being a flatbed owner:

Let us arrange heavy loads for your flatbed truck!

We can’t wait to load your truck! Give us a call now and find profit-based trucking deals!

High Paying Loads

We are ready to find goods that are paying you a good sum.

Professional Factoring Service

Let us make your needs quickly met and we will handle the rest.

We Find You the Best Loads

Worry no more! We have a team able to find you quality loads.

If you have a flatbed and need assistance with loads, give us a call!

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Flatbed - Perfect for Larger Goods

Moving larger goods should not seem like a big problem anymore. Flatbed trucks are made just for this. We have the right clients having bulk loads, oversized heavy machinery and larger goods for your flatbed truck. All you need to do is to give us a call and we will give you flatbed dispatch services.

We assist you with billing, invoicing and negotiating. We handle it all so that you can focus on driving and make the goods reach their destination with ease and safety. Truck Movers LLC is your right choice if you are looking for heavy loads in order to fill up your flatbed trucks.