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Glance At The Future of Trucking Industry

Future of Trucking Industry
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The trucking industry has been transformed over years till now. The historical background lies back in the 1900s and impacted the growth of the overall industry of the USA. Trucks were more like motorized wagons at that time with rubber tires. The routes at that time were rough and slow. As the advancements and needs for transportation enhanced, it paved the way for better trucking. The Seattle Chamber of Commerce once financed a trip which was an initiative towards building better highways.  The revolutionary cycles have always given rise to various industries and so trucking arose. Let’s dig in deep to know the past, present and future of trucking. 

A Final Turn In The History Of Trucking Industry 

Year 1956 was a turning point in the history of trucking when the Federal Aid Highway Act came into existence. A system of interstate highways of around 41000 miles was built under this act which had a huge budget approval of about $26 billion. This gave a rising turn to the scope of the trucking industry. People got more and more involved in this business, some preferred driving trucks and some saw it as a whole new chain of business opportunities.  As of now, the trucking industry is one of the huge and fastest growing industries in America. It has earned billions for the US economy and is keen to earn more. The scope is significantly high and various types of trucks are now getting introduced in the market. Drivers are well aware of the truck types and loads they are able to carry. The industry has grown at an efficient pace with wider need slots. 

Present Scenario Of Trucking Industry 

The current trends of the trucking industry are quite submissive about its working and expansion. We can see that there are now stringent rules and regulations for the truckers. Being a trucker or trucking company, you are required to meet the regulatory standards for example having a CDL or HazMat permit.  “The truck industry is going to be the prominent success figure holder in the years to come, relying solely on the expertise of dispatchers and profitability for truckers.”  Truck dispatching services are now the top priority of most of the truckers. Because it makes them meet their trucking needs quickly and efficiently. 
  • Trucking is now accounting for 84% of the revenue in the industry according to latest news facts. 
  • The demand of local truck drivers has immensely increased.  
  • Eco-friendly practices are also in trend now and seem to be followed by the trucking industry as well. 
  • Another prominent trend is team truck driving where two drivers are responsible to drive. This allows longer periods on roads a bit more easy and flexible. 
  • Truck dispatching services are creating their hold over the trucking industry making the trucking processes easy and effective. 

Future of Trucking Industry

As we have discussed the trucking trends, it gives us a clear glimpse of a bright future. Transportation is a never-ending business need in present and in the years to come. What makes the industry growth sustained in future is the promising nature of incredible technologies, quick dispatch services and regulatory standards for truckers. Better trucking is expected in future and it will surely pave new ways for businesses, suppliers, truckers, brokers, shippers and dispatchers.  The future holds a strong visual of demanded and profitable trucking: 
  • Better loading and unloading 
  • Profitable loads with best negotiated rates
  • Skilled dispatchers in demand by truckers 
  • Notable increment in trucking 
  • Increased % of revenue generation 
  • Wide opportunities for truckers 


Although the trucking industry has played a fruitful role in the revenue generation and contributing good % in the overall economy of the country. The truckers are now more aware about the importance of profitable loads and better negotiated rates. This is where efficient and professional truck dispatchers are needed. The future holds a successful path for the trucking industry creating a bulk of opportunities for all. 
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