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How to Get a CDL (Commercial Driver License)

how to get a cdl
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CDL stands for Commercial Driver's License. It refers to a specialized driver's license required to operate large, heavy, or hazardous vehicles used for commercial purposes, such as tractor-trailers, buses, and tanker trucks.

Importance of CDL license:

 A CDL license is necessary for individuals seeking a career in the trucking industry. It is required for operating commercial vehicles on public roads in the United States.

Purpose of the Guide:

This blog delineates the process and steps for obtaining a CDL license. Moreover, it includes the requirements, steps, and factors that impact the timeframe. By the end of this blog, readers will have a better understanding of what it takes to get a this license and be better prepared for the process. Let’s start with the age requirements;

Age Requirements:

The applicant must meet the age requirements set by their state to get a Commercial Driving License. Generally, applicants should be at least 18 years old to obtain a CDL license for intrastate driving (within the state) and at least 21 years old for interstate driving (across state lines). Although, there are some exceptions and additional requirements for younger drivers, such as completion of a driver training program.

Health Requirements:

CDL applicants should meet certain health requirements to obtain and maintain their license. These health requirements vary by state but typically include passing a medical exam and meeting vision and hearing standards. Lastly, applicants are required to disclose any medical conditions that could affect their ability to drive safely.

Residency and Citizenship Requirements:

The applicants should be legal residents or citizens of the United States. Citizens and residents are required to provide proof of residency. For instance, a driver's license or utility bill, and proof of citizenship like a birth certificate or passport.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements:

Candidates should pass both a written knowledge test and a skills test to get their license. The knowledge test covers topics including;

  • Driving safety,
  • Cargo handling,
  • Transport regulations

The skill test evaluates the applicant's ability to operate a commercial vehicle safely and effectively. Some states may also require applicants to complete a driver training program before taking the skill test.

In the next section, we will go through some key steps to get a CD license;

Five Steps to Get a CDL License

Step 1: Obtain the Manual and Study:

The manual provides essential information about CDL requirements, regulations, and safe driving practices. It is essential to read and understand the manual thoroughly before taking the knowledge test.

Step 2: Obtain a Commercial Learner's Permit (CLP):

The applicant should pass a written knowledge test and a medical exam to obtain a CDL License. After obtaining CLP, the applicant can practice driving a commercial vehicle with a license holder in the vehicle.

Step 3: Attend a CDL Training Program (optional):

Attending a training program is helpful in preparing for the skills test, although it's not necessary in all states. These training programs are offered by truck driving schools and community colleges. Typically, it involves classroom instruction and hands-on driving practice. Some employers may also offer CDL training programs for their employees.

Step 4: Practice driving and prepare for CDL skills test:

The skills test evaluates the applicant's ability to perform

  • Pre-trip vehicle inspections
  • Basic vehicle control
  • On-road driving

 It is important to practice and become familiar with all aspects of the test.

Step 5: Pass the CDL Skills Test:

The final step in obtaining a CDL license is to pass the skills test. The test is administered by a state-approved examiner. It typically includes

  • A pre-trip inspection
  • A basic vehicle control test
  • An on-road driving test.

If the applicant passes the test, they will be issued a CDL license.

Factors Affecting the Time-Frame

The factors that governs the time-frame in which a CDL applicant may get his License are;

Individual Factors:

To obtain a License, duration may vary depending on individual factors like the applicant's availability, level of commitment, and prior driving experience.

CDL Training Program Factors:

 Attending training program can be beneficial in preparing for the skills test. However, the duration and availability of training programs may vary depending on the program, location, and scheduling. However, some programs may be completed in a few weeks, while others may take several months to complete.

Test Availability and Scheduling:

The availability of CDL tests may vary depending on the state and demand. Some states may have limited test locations and scheduling availability, which can impact the timeframe for obtaining a CDL license. Additionally, applicants may need to wait for an available test date or retake the test if they do not pass on their first attempt.

Regulatory Factors:

CDL requirements and regulations may vary by state and can impact the timeframe for obtaining a CDL license. Some states may have additional requirements or restrictions for certain types of commercial vehicles or driving scenarios, which can impact the time it takes to obtain a CDL license.


At the end of the blog, it is obvious that obtaining a CDL license requires meeting specific conditions and completing a series of steps that I have defined above. I hope these steps would be really helpful for you looking to get a CDL license.

Furthermore, getting this license can open up career opportunities in the transportation industry. Thus, to ensure a smooth and timely process, understanding the specific requirements and regulations is vital in your state, plan accordingly, and seek out resources such as CDL training programs and study materials. With the right preparation and effort, obtaining a CDL license can be a rewarding and fulfilling achievement.

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